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Vol. 2: Rediscovering Hyer Boots

Vol. 2: Rediscovering Hyer Boots

Ride along as Zach Lawless rediscovers the legacy of his family and the original cowboy boot.

Full Transcipt:

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Speaker 1

All right. So our grandmother told us that the that all the stuff that she has, she donated to the Kansas State Historical Society, which is in Topeka. So we got about an hour drive down there right now. We're going to go see what they've got. If there's anything fun to be, should be interesting.

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Speaker 1

All right. So we are at the Kansas State Historical Society and they have given us a few boxes worth of stuff that they said are ours and a few more in the back. We're going to through it and see what we can find. This is first piece where they tell you what's in here. Yeah this is the whole story. 1915, 1913. And they bought it from C.A. Hyer

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Speaker 1

Alright. Well, that was a ton of stuff, almost overwhelming the amount of information that was there, but a lot of good stuff pieced together, a ton of different pieces of the puzzle here, a lot of different parts of the story that I've heard from grandparents, cousins, all that stuff, a lot of celebrities, a lot of tracings of people's feet that I didn't recognize when I looked them up

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Speaker 1

There's a lot of stuff on them. So good stuff. I learned a lot.


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