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Don't know where to start? Find the right boots for you.


  • Choose your normal shoe size. Hyer boots fit true to US sizing.
  • Be conscious of your sock – thin or thick. This can make a difference when trying on boots.
  • In between sizes - we recommend the ½ size larger.
  • Narrow foot – we recommend to either size down or choose your true size in regular width (size B for women’s and size D for men’s).
  • Wide foot – we recommend to either size up or choose the wide widths available (size C for women’s, and size EE for men’s).


There is an approximate 1.5 size different between Men's and Women's sizing. For example, a Men's size 7 is roughly equivalent to a Women's size 8.5. Width remains the same - a Men's D width is the same as a Women's D width.

You can use the handy table below to convert your shoe size between Men's and Women's. We have greyed out sizes that we do not currently offer.

Size Conversion Chart