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HYER Sawyer Boots
HYER Sawyer Boots

How to Take Care

of your HYER Boots

In the vast expanse of Western footwear, cowboy boots are more than just a style statement – they're a testament to craftsmanship and tradition. Preserving the allure of these boots requires a meticulous approach to leather care. Beyond the routine dirt removal, the journey involves understanding the nuances of different leathers and employing the right products. At the forefront of this care regimen stands Bickmore, a family owned brand that mirrors our values, commitment to quality, and longevity.

The Foundation of Boot Care

First and foremost, if you want your boots to last - you need to clean them. Don’t let the dirt, grime, and sh*t destroy these works of art by leaving them dirty. To clean them properly, ensure your cowboy boots are free from any dirt and debris. Use a dry, clean cotton rag for this preliminary cleaning, and if needed, introduce a dampened rag for more stubborn dirt. For suede boots, never use water, just use a gentle brush can help loosen the dirt and debris and maintain the texture of the material.

Before we break it down into specific leather care, it's crucial to comprehend the diverse nature of cowboy boots. Each pair is a blend of tradition and modernity, often featuring intricate stitching patterns and exotic leathers. Recognizing these elements lays the foundation for a care routine that not only maintains aesthetics but also extends the life of your beloved boots.

Understanding Leather Varieties

Cowboy boots come in various leathers, each with its unique characteristics. From the rugged charm of roughout leather to the timeless appeal of cowhide or bullhide, and the exotic allure of ostrich or caiman leather – each demands a specialized care routine.

Bickmore's Role in Boot Care

Central to this care narrative is Bickmore, a brand synonymous with leather preservation. Their commitment to quality aligns seamlessly with our values. Explore the history behind Bickmore, and you'll discover a legacy rooted in preserving and enhancing the beauty of leather. As you know, we’re suckers for a quality product with an even better story around here, so highlighting Bickmore’s Leather Conditioner as a trusted product we would put on our boots, was an easy decision.


We love Bickmore products to safely condition our leathers. Their collection offers a product for every leather type. Bick 4 can be found at Atomic 79 Western Gear where they proudly sell HYER Boots.

Check with your local HYER Retailer to see what products they recommend!

“Roughout” or Suede Leather

For “roughout” or suede leather, a careful approach is essential. Use a dry white cotton towel for cleaning, being mindful of potential color transfer from the rag to the boot. A horsehair brush can then be used to gently remove any remaining debris. Should you opt for a water repellent spray, consider its impact on the color, especially with light-colored leather.

Hide Leather

Cowhide or bullhide leather necessitates a conditioning routine. After cleaning, use a dime-sized amount of leather conditioner applied with a white rag, making sure you have a light even coverage over the entire boot. Allow the boots to dry overnight before considering additional treatments like creams or finishes.

Exotic Leather

Exotic leathers like ostrich or caiman deserve a delicate touch. An exotic leather conditioner, applied sparingly on the exotic vamp, is recommended. Use the same method for cleaning and conditioning as previously mentioned. For the top part of the boot, a generic leather conditioner is suitable. As with other leathers, a drying period overnight is crucial before any further applications.

Elevating Leather Care to an Art

As we embrace the heritage of cowboy boots, Bickmore stands as a trustworth ally in the journey of leather care. With a product line crafted for excellence, Bickmore not only understands the intricate needs of different leathers but also amplifies the natural beauty of each pair. Their commitment to preserving the legacy of leather aligns seamlessly with our dedication to quality and longevity.

The Legacy of HYER Boots

In the rich history of the cowboy boot, HYER Boots occupies a revered space. Established with a commitment to quality craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to tradition, HYER Boots has become synonymous with timeless style and enduring durability.

The story of HYER Boots is interwoven with the very fabric of Western heritage. Founded with the vision of providing authentic, handcrafted boots, HYER has not just created footwear; it has crafted a legacy. This legacy is not only evident in the boots' design but also in their longevity.

One striking aspect of HYER's legacy is the prevalence of vintage HYER boots still cherished by enthusiasts today. The enduring quality of these boots is a testament to the brand's commitment to using only the finest materials and employing skilled artisans in the crafting process. Proper leather care has played a pivotal role in preserving these vintage treasures.

Preserving the Heritage

When it comes to caring for HYER Boots, the principles remain rooted in preserving the essence of craftsmanship and tradition. The unique stitching patterns, intricate details, and premium leathers that define HYER boots deserve meticulous care to ensure they age gracefully.

Proper care not only extends the life of the boots but also enhances their character over time. As we discuss the nuances of leather care, it's essential to acknowledge that the beauty of HYER boots lies not just in their design but in the stories they carry.

A Symphony of Care

Much like the rhythm of a symphony, caring for your HYER boots involves a harmonious blend of understanding the leather type and choosing the right products. Our boots demand a conditioning routine that echoes the traditions of yesteryears.

In this symphony of care, Bickmore takes center stage. The expertise embodied in their leather care products seamlessly aligns with the values HYER Boots holds dear. Choosing Bickmore is not just a selection of products; it's an affirmation of the commitment to preserving the heritage that defines HYER.

Embracing Tomorrow

As we look to the future, HYER Boots is set to embark on a journey that pays homage to its roots. The resurrection of the HYER 100 stitch pattern, hinted at in upcoming collections, is a celebration of traditional craftsmanship meeting new age innovation. This pattern, etched in the annals of HYER's history, is a testament to the brand's enduring commitment to authenticity.

The HYER 100 stitch pattern holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. Its revival marks a resurgence of a design that not only defines a boot but also encapsulates the spirit of the brand. As we introduce new collections, this stitch pattern will weave a thread of continuity, connecting the legacy of vintage HYER boots to the modern era.

Culmination of Craftsmanship

In conclusion, caring for your cowboy boots transcends a routine – it's a profound connection to craftsmanship and legacy. By incorporating the expertise of brands like Bickmore into this care regimen, you're not just extending the life of your boots; you're enriching the story they tell with every step.

As HYER Boots continues to craft collections that honor tradition and embrace innovation, each pair becomes a chapter in a narrative that spans generations. From the storied past of vintage HYER boots to the promise of the resurging HYER 100, every step in your HYER boots is a testament to the enduring legacy of Western craftsmanship.