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Smokey Branch | Garden City, KS Rodeo 1921

Unveiling the Thrills

An intro to Rodeo and the origin of its events.

Rodeo, deeply ingrained in American culture, traces its roots back to the traditions of Spanish vaqueros and Mexican charros. Originating in the early 19th century on the expansive ranches of the American West, rodeo served as a practical means for ranchers and cowboys to showcase their skills in handling livestock. What began as informal competitions among cowboys evolved into organized events, laying the foundation for modern rodeo as we know it today.

The early rodeo events reflected the daily tasks of working ranch hands, including roping, riding, and herding cattle. One of the oldest and most iconic rodeo events, steer wrestling, or bulldogging, emerged from the necessity of ranchers to subdue unruly cattle for branding or medical treatment. Another staple event, bronc riding, originated from the challenge of breaking and training wild horses for ranch work. These events not only showcased the riders' mastery of horsemanship and cattle handling but also provided entertainment for ranch communities and spectators.

Ted Yokum | OKC Rodeo

As rodeo gained popularity, it evolved into a spectacle that captivated audiences far beyond the confines of the ranch. Rodeo competitions became a mainstay of Wild West shows, traveling circuses, and eventually, standalone rodeo events held in towns and cities across the American West. The advent of professional rodeo associations in the early 20th century, such as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), standardized rules and regulations, further shaping the modern rodeo landscape. Today, rodeo continues to thrive as a celebration of Western heritage and cowboy culture, attracting participants and spectators from around the world.

Over the years, HYER Boots have graced the feet of countless rodeo champions and enthusiasts, becoming synonymous with the rugged spirit and authenticity of the Western lifestyle. From seasoned rodeo veterans to up-and-coming riders, our boots have been trusted companions in the arena, providing both style and durability for the demanding rigors of competition.

Among the iconic figures who have worn HYER Boots, few match the legendary status of Larry Mahan. A rodeo superstar in his own right, Mahan's illustrious career and six-time All-Around World Champion titles solidify his place in rodeo history. His partnership with HYER Boots to create his own line of signature boots marked a significant milestone, blending Mahan's expertise with our craftsmanship to produce boots that reflected his unparalleled skill and style.

Larrah Mahan Boot Collection | HYER Boot Co

Many rodeo stars, inspired by Mahan's success, have turned to HYER Boots as they pursued their own dreams of rodeo glory. From the adrenaline-fueled bull riders to the precision-driven ropers and barrel racers, our boots have adorned the feet of champions across various rodeo disciplines. With each ride and every victory, these riders have embodied the resilience and determination that define both rodeo and HYER Boots.

Beyond the arena, rodeo fans and enthusiasts have also embraced HYER Boots, drawn to the quality and heritage that define our brand. Whether participating in local rodeo events or cheering from the stands, these individuals recognize the craftsmanship and comfort that set HYER Boots apart. As we continue to honor the tradition and legacy of rodeo, we remain committed to providing the finest boots for those who live and breathe the Western way of life.

Here's a quick breakdown of today’s rodeo events that are based on the original competitions:

  • Bareback Riding: In bareback riding, the cowboy holds onto a bucking horse with just one hand, using a rigging made of leather and padding. The goal is to stay on the horse for 8 seconds while it bucks and jumps wildly while maintaining style and control.
  • Steer Wrestling: Also known as "bulldogging", steer wrestling involves a cowboy on horseback chasing after a steer, jumping off their horse, and wrestling the steer to the ground in a very specific and safe manner.
  • Breakaway Roping: Similar to tie-down roping, but in breakaway roping, the rope is tied to the saddle horn with string. When the calf is roped, the rope breaks free from the saddle, signaling the end of the run.
  • Saddle Bronc Riding: Similar to bareback riding, but with a saddle. The cowboy must stay on the horse for 8 seconds, and they're judged on their control and style as the horse bucks.
  • Team-Roping: In team roping, two cowboys work together to rope a steer. One cowboy ropes the steer's head, while the other ropes its hind legs. The goal is to do it as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Tie-Down Roping: In tie-down roping, a cowboy on horseback chases after a calf, lassos it, and then dismounts to tie three of the calf's legs together as quickly as possible. Speed and precision are key.
  • Barrel Racing: Barrel racing is a timed event where a horse and rider navigate a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. The fastest time wins, but knocking over a barrel incurs a time penalty.
  • Bull Riding: In bull riding, the cowboy mounts a large, powerful bull and tries to stay on for 8 seconds. It's all about balance, strength, and nerves of steel as the bull twists and turns in an attempt to throw off the rider.
Dorothy Merrell | HYER Boots

HYER Boots proudly partners with a roster of talented athletes who epitomize the grit, passion, and skill of the sport. Among these elite competitors is Ty Harris, a rising star in the realm of tie-down roping. Known for his lightning-fast times and precise technique, Harris embodies the spirit of determination and dedication that defines the rodeo arena. With HYER Boots on his feet, Harris competes with confidence, knowing that he's equipped with footwear that can withstand the rigors of his demanding events.

Emily Beisel, another standout athlete in the world of barrel racing, showcases her agility and speed with every run. As she navigates tight turns and lightning-quick runs, Beisel relies on the stability and support provided by her HYER Boots. With a partnership forged on a shared commitment to excellence, Beisel and HYER Boots continue to make strides in the competitive barrel racing circuit, leaving our mark on the sport.

Kyle Irwin, a force to be reckoned with in steer wrestling, exemplifies strength, strategy, and precision in every event. With his sights set on victory, Irwin trusts his HYER Boots to deliver the durability and performance needed to tackle even the toughest steers. As he continues to push the boundaries of his sport, Irwin's partnership with HYER Boots serves as a testament to the brand's unwavering support for rodeo athletes at the pinnacle of their game.

As the thunderous applause fades and the dust settles, we stand in awe of the timeless tradition and unwavering dedication that make rodeo more than just a sport—it's a way of life. So, whether you're strapping on your boots to hit the arena or cheering from the stands, may the spirit of rodeo inspire you to chase your dreams with the same relentless fervor that fuels our champions.

Richmond Champion, a name synonymous with rodeo excellence, brings his signature blend of skill and style to every competition. Champion's fearless approach and unwavering determination have made him a standout performer in the arena. With HYER Boots fueling his passion for the sport, Champion continues to inspire fans and fellow competitors alike with his remarkable talent and unwavering commitment to rodeo excellence.

Madison Outhier, a rising star in the world of breakaway roping, combines speed, precision, and determination to dominate the competition. With her HYER Boots providing the perfect blend of style and performance, Outhier navigates the arena with confidence, pushing the limits of her sport with each electrifying run. As she continues to make her mark on the rodeo circuit, Outhier's partnership with HYER Boots exemplifies the brand's commitment to supporting athletes who embody the spirit of Western tradition and excellence.

It's a way of life.